Thursday, October 18, 2012

The T Word

Am I such a sweet Mommy that I am giving my daughter a toothache?

Nope... that is just wishful thinking. It has begun. It has even been confirmed by a medical professional, Sister is officially Teething. A friend lent me this adorable halloween onesie with the ever appropriate "Teething Bites" across the front of it. If you were wondering where I have been, just follow the smell of the cherry Orajel and berry Tylenol and you will find me holding a very unhappy baby. My sweet girl has a bit of a dramatic flair, something I adore about her. In drama Queen fashion, the screaming is honestly a bit intense. Our household has also been down a pair of hands, meaning I may or may not be using cherry flavored Tylenol on her pacifier to pacify her. Don't worry I don't over do it, and when I say Tylenol I mean the Little Fevers safe for babies medicine.

The worst part of teething isn't the less sleep, drool, or the crying. The worst part is that my little girl is hurting and I can't do a thing about it. I try to reason with her, she doesn't understand the whole No Pain. No Gain. thing. I mean having a mouthful of teeth is awesome. You get to eat delicious stuff, brush them, use them to bite people, wear expensive metal accessories on them, and someday flash a smile at a cute boy at school with them. Teeth are definitely worth it. I love having teeth and I know she will too.

Sister is tough. She will get through this and so will her Mommy. I just wish she didn't have to experience the pain. I guess this is a Motherhood Lesson for me. She is going to get hurt, she is going to feel pain, but good will come from it. Even if the screaming last for way over an hour, I need to appreciate these moments. Because I am holding a Baby! I'm holding Our Baby!

I also need to remember that it is okay to spend the day inside, not wearing a bra, without a stitch of make-up on, hair in a less then sexy fro and just love on these sweet babies. It is also okay to be five minutes late to a doctor appointment because pulling over and dipping your babies pacifier in some gripe water was a necessity. I feel so blessed to have these moments to complain about. Teething does totally bite, but before we know it the Tooth Fairy will be here. Until then Orajel Wishes and Tylenol Dreams.

My Toothless Tot

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  1. Get her an amber teething necklace! Seriously. I thought my friends who swore by them were crazy, but two days after I got one for my son, he was a completely different baby. The only way we know he's teething now is if we catch a glimpse of a tooth popping in his mouth. And a bit more drool, lol.