Monday, November 19, 2012

Mommy of the Year

I'm never going to be the Mommy of the Year.

I'm not going to be the smartest Mom. I'm not going the craftiest Mom. I am not going to be the most patient Mom. I'm not going to be the funniest Mom. I'm not going to be the most organized Mom. I am not going to be the most stylish Mom. I'm not going to be the most cultured Mom. I'm not going to be the most sophisticated Mom. I'm not going to be the prettiest Mom. I'm not going to be the most accomplished Mom. I am not going to be the coolest Mom. I am not going to be the most involved Mom. I am not going to be the nicest Mom.

I am going to make mistakes. I am going to get upset. I am going have short comings. I am going to bribe every now and then. I am going to learn some things the hard way. I am going to fail. I am going to look like a mess. I am going to make bad judgements. I am going to be confused. I am going to be insecure. I am going to contradict myself. I am going to yell. I am going to forget things. I am going to be indecisive.  I am going to get stressed out. I am going to be late. I am going to embarrass them. I am going to have no idea what to do.

I won't give up. I won't wish my time away. I won't compare myself, my husband, or my kids to others.   I won't take anything for granted. I won't belittle them. I won't make everything easy. I won't shelter them.  I won't back down. I won't gossip. I won't let them be quitters. I won't let them lie. I won't lie to them. I won't know everything. I won't be perfect. I won't make them think they need to be perfect. I won't undermine my husband. I won't scream. I won't smother them. I won't forget who I am.

I will laugh at myself. I will be the bad guy. I will have fun. I will apologize. I will be generous. I will smile. I will learn. I will promote good health. I will pray. I will believe in them. I will give hugs and kisses way to much. I will be honest. I will celebrate their unique talents. I will make my family a priority. I will make one day a month really special.  I will play.  I will protect and keep my children safe. I will love and adore my husband. I will demand respect. I will earn respect. I will be strong. I will listen. I will be creative. I will put the phone down. I will celebrate wins and applaud a loss. I will be trustworthy. I will take risks. I will teach what I know. I will study what I don't. I will relax. I will be supportive. I will always try to control my temper. I will dance. I will push. I will take way to many pictures. I will I will always use my imagination. I will grow. I will turn off the TV. I will not take myself too seriously.  I will instill a love of Mexican food in my children. I will keep my promises. I will try my hardest. I will be exciting. I will be a cowboy, a princess, a lion, or a ballerina. I will enjoy the small things.  I will encourage Daddy Time. I will tickle, cuddle, and snuggle. I will do what is best for my family. I will raise my babies to love Jesus. We will be happy!

I'm not going to be Mom of the Year. I am going to drive them crazy. I won't let a day go by that I'm not thankful. I will love them with everything that I am.

I am not going to be the Best Mom. But I am going to try.

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