Friday, November 1, 2013

Fat and Sassy

Lucille Preston Cooper 

Today my sweet Grandma Lu went to be with the Lord. She lived for ninety-four years and she never stopped loving life. I hope to someday be as amazing and as loved as she was. I could write thousands of words about this woman, so a simple blog post will never achieve what five minutes in her presence would have.

I do want to share a few things about this woman who touched mine and so many lives. She did me one of the greatest things someone can do for you, she raised my mom. Grandma Lu was a Mother of Six and all of her Six Kids adore her to this day.  She was a fantastic story teller. She was one of those people who when they spoke, everyone listened. Not because she commanded your attention, but because she deserved your attention.

 I loved that she never made me feel less then. Grandma Lu lived during a time when life was not as easy as it is now- but she never pointed that out. She didn't have to. You knew that she struggled, you knew that times had been tough, and you knew that overcame everything. There was no bitterness, just JOY. She never pretended, and she was brutally honest. I don't know if that was just how she always was, or if in her old age she knowingly decided it was her right. The truth will set you free, well then Grandma Lu was definitely set Free. 

She would often compliment my bust, before the twins. Now that I am a Mom I understand why. Those Bust Compliment days are long gone. One of my favorite things was making her laugh. If you made Grandma Lu laugh, you felt really funny. Her laugh was the best, I can still hear it now. She was a nut! She collected Pigs and I mean she had PIGS everywhere. Wisdom gracefully flowed out of her , and every time we spoke I knew I was better because of her words.I love that she got to see me be a Wife and Mom, because she helped make me the Wife and Mom I am.

 She loved Jesus, but never had to quote a verse or express that. That woman was so full of Jesus' Love you never had to question her heart. She was smart, like knew every answer on Jeopardy smart.   If you asked her how she was, her reply was always "Fat and Sassy." I always rolled my eyes at the Fat part. Though today I decided she did have a "Fat" Heart. Her heart so full and large because she loved so much.

Grandma Lu was one of my favorite people in the whole world and of course I going to miss her so much. Her funny stories, her unsolicited advice, her daring compliments, her hugs, her wise words, her laugh, and just her way will always be missed. Tomato Soup, Malts, Peanut M&Ms, Fireball, Grilled Cheese Sandwiches- are now my Grandma Lu Comfort Foods. I might even start collecting Pigs. I am so grateful to have her for so long, and I am have so much peace knowing she is in Heaven.

Have I ever told you I Love You? Well I do! We all do!

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  1. What a tremendous void she's left in your entire family, Tif. I met her but a few times, but just enough to know that what you write is true & honoring to her. You do her proud! Her legacy is the stuff of which never rusts or fades because it's genuine treasure. I'm certain she thought of you that way, too: a precious treasure! My condolences, and hugs.