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Like it says on the home page, my name is Gabby Jones and by the time you are reading this, I will probably be embarking on my journey around the world. AH! So exciting! Okay, so I want to preface a few things before I start this blog to avoid being judged and shunned by all my friends that may think that I have turned to the dark side of internet blogging and Instagram modeling. I started this website for 3 main reasons.

#1- I wanted to have a public space, other than IG, to share my photos. I love to take pictures and Instagram is a tad limiting when it comes to how many I can post. With this website, I can upload them all to my gallery and my friends and family and whoever else is passing through can view them. They will also all be in one space and organized, which is convenient for me because I’m not gonna feel like searching through all 16,000 pictures on my phone to look up a specific photo.

#2- I wanted to write about my experiences and share them with all my friends and family. I am a person that has about five journals at a time and one on my computer. I love to write and have the worst memory ever, so it's important I get every impactful event down. I will have a physical, private journal with me on the boat that will be less structured, however this website allows me to write about all of the crazy new things that will happen to me on this trip and share it with other people.

#3- I wanted to have something that was entirely for me. I feel like I haven’t had a project that wasn’t assigned by school in forever, let alone one that I am passionate about and truly want to do. This website is something that doesn’t have any guidelines or rules, so we can just have a good time y’all. A++’s for everyone.

So, yeah. That is pretty much why I am starting this website. Before you leave, I do want to make you aware of some things. I’m sorryyy, just one more list.

#1- I am not a professional photographer!! I am just trying to capture some pretty things I see. I like some of the pictures I take a lot, but I don’t really know all of the ins and outs of how to work my camera entirely and I don’t claim to. I do love photography and have an incredible respect for people that can take such amazing photos, and I would actually love to learn one day. For right now, however, I am traveling to all these incredible places and am just trying to capture as many beautiful things as I can.

#2- I am not a writing major. lol. All of my “pieces” or posts or whatever these are called are going to be very authentic and probably not proofread because I am taking classes on this trip and don’t have time, so expect for there to be some mistakes. I am not an expert on comma placement or…I mean yeah, I really struggle with comma placement, that might be a struggle for us. If it gets really bad, one of my friends- please let me know. I also literally just said “lol” at the beginning of this paragraph so we’re not really going for professionalism here. The only professional part of this whole thing is that I actually spelled out “okay” as the full word at the beginning of this post. That’s pretty respectable. Moral of the story, youmaynotbeabletoundersatndwahtiamsayingbuttoobadsosadyoullgetovetit.

Okay, we are done with the lists now. If you made it this far, I am proud of you and jealous of your attention span. I hope that it wasn’t too annoying that you aren’t going to read anymore, but just annoying enough that you’re kinda interested now:-))

haha okay bye.


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